CCBO Regions

membership is comprised of eight regions


Each region has a representative who serves on the CCBO Board of Directors.

Region 1

Regional Representative: Jennifer Fenske
Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam

Region 2

Regional Representative: Suzzanna Rodriguez
Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah

Region 3

Regional Representative: Charlotte Eubank
Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri

Region 4

Regional Representative: Tiska Thomas
Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas

Region 5

Regional Representative: Vicki Gardner
Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio

Region 6

Regional Representative: Sheila Smith
Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Puerto Rico

Region 7

Regional Representative: Sindy Reynolds
Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia

Region 8

Regional Representative: Joe DaSilva
Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

CCBO Leadership Academy adds a special layer of community within the CCBO Annual Conference. You have an opportunity to form relationships as you are being challenged to develop your leadership skills.

Sidney Reynolds, Leadership Academy 2019

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