Leadership Academy


It’s the only education program designed for community college business officers. A year long program led by industry experts, where participants engage in hands-on learning and an active mentorship.

Why Attend

The CCBO Leadership Academy?

The Leadership Academy is succession planning at its best.  If you are considering this for your staff in the business office this is how you can equip and prepare your employees to grow in your organization.  If you are considering the Leadership Academy for yourself, this is your opportunity to grow as a leader and spend time on how you want to grow in your career.

CCBO’s Leadership Academy is the ONLY educational opportunity geared directly for community college business officers and their staff, taught by seasoned community college business officers from across the nation.

The cost is reasonable, the return outstanding. Your future and the future of your institution makes this a critically important decision with a truly positive return on investment that will pay over your lifetime.

The Purpose

The Academy’s goal is to provide participants with the knowledge of the theories and practice of leadership within a community college as an institution of higher education. The Academy is designed to train the next generation of Chief Business Officers and to provide current leaders with updated information on national issues facing community colleges.

The Participants

Participants come from various departments and positions within community colleges. The Academy is open to all potential and current leaders. Applicants should have experience in a community college business/administrative office; however, consideration will be given to those who do not have an administrative background. Academy participants do not need to be CCBO members to participate.

The Format

The program spans one year, beginning and ending with the CCBO Annual Conferences. The format requires that all students arrive two days prior to the CCBO Annual Conference. These two days are designed for students to have full immersion in the curriculum of the Academy. All students are expected to attend the CCBO Annual Conference following the Academy sessions and take advantage of other learning opportunities as well. This same timeline will occur for the subsequent year.

CPE Credits

Participants may earn 20 or more CPE credits. Nearly 35 hours of programming, split between two conferences, is created for participants to become immersed in discussions and activities related to leadership skills, current community college issues, and relevant topics. Please note there is a mid-year project that all participants are required to complete.

More About

Enrollment Fees

The cost of the Leadership Academy is $1,650 for members and $1,875 for non members, which includes Leadership Academy enrollment and Annual Conference registration for two years. Registration for the 2024 Leadership Academy is open. Please visit the CCBO Conference Page to register.


Business partners

CCBO is now extending a special invitation to our business partners to join institutional members in the Leadership Academy. This is a great opportunity for partners to better understand the higher education industry and trends, and to develop relationships with community college colleagues from across the country. Participation is limited to those companies already exhibiting at the 2024 CCBO Annual International Conference. No more than two business partners will be allowed in an Academy class.

"CCBO Leadership Academy is about empowering people through relationships, peer learning, memorable discussions, and the important decisions we face within our own communities."

– Evelyn Johnsen, Grants Compliance & Financial Manager, Dallas County Community College District, Class of 2014

"CCBO Leadership Academy adds a special layer of community within the CCBO Annual Conference. You have an opportunity to form relationships as you are being challenged to develop your leadership skills."

– Sidney Reynolds, current Leadership Academy scholar

"Participation in the Leadership Academy provided the opportunity to grow and expand on the skill set I already had. It helped me to overcome fears related to public speaking and provided a foundation to be a solid leader for my institution. Relationships with my classmates developed as well, providing a wealth of resources to draw on."

– Jennifer Fenske, Class of 2017

"The Leadership Academy shows that others are going through or have gone through the same issue you are experiencing at your institution, which allows for great conversation while discussing resolutions."

– Beth Young, Class of 2015

"When I came into higher education, I was encouraged by the then-treasurer to attend the Leadership Academy and Annual Conference, and I was hooked. CCBO members are a great resource and always willing to share successes and failures to heal colleagues in the community college arena. CCBO is the only organization I have found that exclusively supports community college business officers."

– Chris Murphy, Class of 2013

"The Leadership Academy armed me with the skills I needed to transition from comptroller to CFO. I had the technical financial skills, but I lacked the softer leadership skills."

– Charlotte Eubank, Class of 2012

The Participants

2022 – 2023

Class of 2022, pictured at the 2022 CCBO Annual Conference in Orlando.

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