Potential 2020 Conference Topics

Following are some sessions that are of interest to our members. We would love to have you submit a presentation proposal on one of the following topics or another topic that you believe would be a benefit to CCBO members.

Cross Training and Succession Planning

Building A Better Work Culture

Fundamentals of Financial Aid

Return to Title 4 (R2T4)

Automating Workflow

GASB Update

Excellent Customer Service

Ins and Outs of Pell Certification

Budgeting/Statement Preparation/Accounts Payable

Facilities Management – Funding, Leases, Legal contracts

Capital Projects and Budgeting

Managing investments

Cyber Liability

How Campus Bookstores Can Support Inclusive Access Curriculum Initiative

New Trends in Campus Master Plans

How to Implement and Administer a Fully Funding GASB 45 OPEB Liability

IT Topics

How Have You Grown Enrollment

Sacscoc Standards That Relate to Finance

Building Your Own Presentation Skills