Connection Points

CCBO Announces New Ways to Connect at the CCBO Annual Conference


You asked; CCBO listened. In direct response to Business Partner feedback from previous events, CCBO has developed Connection Points to help you market to your customer base –– the business and administrative officers on community college campuses with decision-making power.

Each Connection Point is included in your Sponsorship or Exhibitor commitment. There are no hidden fees or added costs, and CCBO encourages you to take advantage at the level that works best for your organization.

Choose one. Choose some. Choose them all.

Action Required: 
Step 1. Simply review the descriptions below and fill out a brief online form indicating which Connection Points you plan to include in your CCBO Annual Conference marketing strategy. The form will take 1 – 3 minutes to complete. 
Step 2. Give CCBO’s Annual Conference a social media shout out using #ccbo2019.

Connection Point 1 – Live Ads
Like an elevator pitch in a large and full elevator car, Live Ads are a 15-second attention grabber you deliver to conference attendees during opening remarks. Tell attendees where to find you in the exhibit space. Tell everyone about your newest product. Tell prospects to check out your product demo. Tell customers when you’ll be in the lobby for conversation and coffee. You construct the message, CCBO gives you the podium. 

How does it work? 
Live Ads will run during Conference Welcome remarks on Sunday, October 27, at 1 p.m. Fill out the online formto let us know you want to deliver a Live Ad. On October 27 arrive at the General Session at 12:55 p.m. to take your reserved seat near the podium. When CCBO President Rob Galick recognizes the Live Ads, Business Partners may line up at the podium stairs, step up to the podium one by one, and deliver your Live Ad. These ads are designed to move quickly; please stay in order and be prepared to pitch at 12:55 p.m.

How can I maximize my Live Ad? 

  • Tie your pitch into your Business Partner Presentation*.
  • Be memorable – Share an “a-ha” moment, use humor, create a visual aid, etc. 
  • Keep it simple – Hook attendees, and follow up with the details during another Connection Point.

Connection Point 2 – Business Partner Presentations*
What does a successful exhibit experience mean to your organization? Whether you seek to increase leads, make new connections or deepen your customer relationships, CCBO is committed to helping you maximize your marketing and achieve your goals.

To facilitate your success, CCBO is rolling out Business Partner Presentations during the first Exhibitor Break of the Conference. During this time, Business Partners can deliver a 15-minute presentation or product demonstration in their exhibit booth space. 

How does it work?
Let us know you will participate via our online form. During the Exhibitor Break on Sunday, October 27 from 3:15 – 3:30 p.m., all Exhibitors are encouraged to deliver 15-minute demonstrations or presentations for attendees. Get creative! This is an opportunity to capture the attention of and deliver your key messages to attendees. The remaining Exhibit Hall time from 3:30 – 3:45 is yours to treat as you would a traditional Exhibit Hall session. 

How can I maximize my Business Partner Presentation? 

  • Email CCBO the details of your presentation by October 15, and we will promote them on social media. 
  • Use your Live Ad to tease your Business Partner Presentation. 
  • Get interactive. Involve attendees in your presentation and help decision-makers visualize how your products and services will impact campuses and operations. 
  • Solve the problem. Show attendees how your product or service alleviates a campus or business office pain point.
  • Cycle through a product demonstration. Keep it short, and repeat it to maximize your reach.

Connection Point 3 – Technology Lunch
Technology providers can enjoy lunch with your customers while engaging in conversations that allow customers to discuss what works for them in regard to your products and services. 

How does it work?
Software companies can simply reserve your table for the Technology Lunch on Monday, October 28. CCBO will reserve two tables for 8 with your company name. Invite your customers and potential customers to join you for free and open discussion. In addition, CCBO will encourage attendees to sit at their provider’s Technology Table during this lunch. 

How can I maximize my company’s Technology Table? 

  • Ahead of the Conference, invite your customers to join you, and ask them to discuss how your product or service positively impacted their campus. 
  • Ahead of time or during your Business Partner Presentation, invite your potential customers to listen in, and allow them to hear the benefits of your product or service directly from current users.  
  • You are welcome to bring additional signage to display during the Technology Lunch, space permitting. 

Connection Point 4 – Receptions

Hosted in the pre-function area, the Opening Reception and Awards Reception bring attendees directly into the exhibitor area outside the dedicated Exhibit Hall hours. While the atmosphere becomes more festive, you can still network with customers and clients. Consider these receptions as CCBO Annual Conference office hours for Business Partners –– with refreshments! 

How does it work? 
Exhibitors may choose to occupy their booth space or move throughout the reception. Regardless, attendees will be in the Exhibit Space during the CCBO Conference two main receptions, allowing you extra exposure to community college business office decision-makers. 

How can I maximize my reception attendance? 

  • Staff your booth to allow for questions from attendees.
  • Mingle throughout the reception to ensure the opportunity to follow up from earlier Connection Points.