StrengthFinders Pre-Conference Session

Strengths Training Description
$250 member/$300 non-member

Moving from Strengths: Strengths Coaching— 4-hr training

Leading from strengths is the most natural, powerful, fulfilling way to lead! This is not just training for your leaders— it is customized coaching. All modules include presentation, interactive discussion, and team-building activities.

    • Module 1: Start with Talent— Finish with Strength
        • Learn why strengths-based leadership is the most effective leadership strategy
        • Each participant understand and claim his/her dominant talent themes
        • Create understanding, tolerance, and honor of each other through strengths
    • Module 2: The Power of Strengths-Based Partnerships
        • Understand theme dynamics between team members
        • Creating understanding around how participants lead, based on their strengths; discuss how these themes have been successful in leadership and how they must be matured further to maximize effective leadership
        • Learn to intentionally build strengths-based partnerships
    • Module 3: The DNA of the Team
        • Understand the four domains of strength and how these apply to leadership and team
        • Learn to make a team great— not just good
        • Discover the power of the team strengths grid and how to apply it
    • Module 4: The Best of Us
        • Address team misconceptions because of misunderstood strengths
        • Identify when and why the team gets the best and worst of each member

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